Houston, November 17, 2013 – The Gay & Lesbian International Sport Association North America (GLISA NA) today completed its annual Delegate Congress in which participating members unanimously approved various reports submitted by the Executive Board and a proposal to change financial reporting procedures in the current by-laws.  Members also confirmed nominations for GLISA NA’s Board of Directors and elected eight members to serve as GLISA NA’s Board of Directors in 2014.

Representatives and proxies for twenty-one active sports and human rights member organizations in Canada and the United States registered for and participated in the delegate conference via telephone dial-in and online video- conferencing, exceeding the quorum threshold as outlined in GLISA NA’s bylaws.  Of the twenty-one members, twenty were voting members assigned one vote each, with one participating as a non-voting member17

The two-hour conference began with a roll call by Secretary Diane Smith, whose count of voting members was confirmed by Vice-President Duy Ngo.  Bruce Townsend, outgoing President of the Board, presided over the remainder of the meeting as outlined in the meeting agenda submitted in advance to members.  Agenda items included Mr. Townsend’s President Report; Financial Report for the 2013 fiscal year from Mr. Elkins; a GLISA International Report from GLISA NA’s representative to the Board of Directors of GLISA International, Mr. Gordon Dunbar; and a Host City Report from STL Equality Games, host of the 3rd North America Outgames in 2016.

Participating members unanimously approved the proposal to change the financial reporting procedures as previously written in Article 5.3 of GLISA NA’s By-Law.  The proposal, submitted by Mr. Elkins and circulated to members in GLISA NA’s October newsletter, suggests additional clarity to be added to Article 5.3 of GLISA NA’s By-Laws.  The newly approved Article 5.3 will now include three clauses to Article 5.3 permitting the reporting of audited financials only when GLISA NA’s fiscal yearend proceeds are $7,500.00 USD or more.

Of those nominated to stand for election to the Board of Directors in 2014, members elected the following individuals:

Debbie Storrs, from Houston, as President                       Duy Ngo, from Southern California, as Vice-President
Diane Smith, from St. Louis, as Secretary                         Victor Elkins, from Vancouver, as Treasurer
Clinton Brown, From Toronto, as voting Director              Gordon Dunbar, from Toronto, as voting Director
Greg Larocque, from Vancouver, as voting Director          Bruce Townsend, from Miami Beach, as Past President (appointed)

Ms. Storrs, in accepting her post as the new President of GLISA NA from outgoing President Mr. Townsend, expressed gratitude for Mr. Townsend’s service to GLISA with a Board-approved invitation to remain on the Board of Directors as voting Past President.  Mr. Townsend, in addition to such responsibility, will also resume his role as Chairperson of the Host City for the 4th World Outgames in 2017.  Click here to download the press release.

2013 Delegate Congress



E-mails have been sent to members announcing GLISA NA’s next Delegate Congress, which will take place November 17th at 7:30 PM EST. The Congress should not be more than 45 minutes long as all reports will be sent out ahead of time for each club to review and prepare any questions. We do have a bylaw change that requires a vote and in accordance with our bylaws we require a majority of our membership to attend via the tele conference call or pass your proxy to a member that will be present.

To give you further time to discuss at your club level, we are extending the deadline to Friday, November 15, 2013, 12:00 PM- noon PST.

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St Louis Organizers Successfully Conclude Negotiations To Host the 3rd North American Outgames in 2016

Miami Beach, September 20th, 2013 – The Gay & Lesbian International Sport Association North America (GLISA NA) and organizers from St. Louis, Missouri today mutually approved and executed their Partnership and License Agreement for that city to become host of the 3rd North America Outgames in 2016.

The organizers, representing STL Equality Games LLC and its parent organization, Team St. Louis along with its community partners, will host this leading multi-component continental event from May 27 to June 4, 2016. The components, in addition to large-production opening and closing ceremonies, include a sports program of at least 13 major sports, a signature human rights conference, and cultural component showcasing St. Louis’ diversity and progress.

The successful negotiation, conducted within an impressively short three-month period since St. Louis submitted its Letter of Intent, reflects excellent performance from negotiating teams for both organizations. According to GLISA NA’s lead negotiator and President, Bruce Townsend, “The efficiency of the negotiation, despite a challenging set of agendas, can be attributed to mutual respect, shared goals and visions, and full engagement from volunteer professionals with impressive backgrounds acting with the highest ethics and in the best interest of their constituencies”.

The North America Outgames is a continental event held every four to five years that combines multi-sport competition, human rights and culture to support and advance the welfare of lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in North America. The 1st North America Outgames was held in 2007 in Calgary and attracted more than 2,000 participants. The 2nd North America Outgames was held in Vancouver in 2011. That St. Louis will be the first US city to host the North America Outgames is an exciting opportunity and deeply fitting for a city with a long history of LGBT activism.

The Board of STL Equality Games LLC and Team St. Louis Inc., added “We are honored and excited to host the OutGames. Along with our civic and community partners, we look forward to welcoming participants from across North America to the heartland of America – St. Louis, Missouri”.


One of the continental associations making up the Gay & Lesbian International Sports Association (GLISA International), GLISA NA has its own governance structure and works under the overall umbrella of GLISA International to promote recognition and equality in sports.GLISA North America was founded to effect positive change towards a society whereby LGBTQI individuals can take pride in themselves, feel comfortable in expressing who they are, and be the best person they can be, without recrimination, fear, or blame. To effect such positive change, GLISA North America is guided by the following principles:
1. Participation and Celebration
2. Respect and Fairness
3. Innovation
4. Diversity
5. Empowerment

Yet, GLISA’s mandate is a dynamic one, always evolving to reflect the diversity of the global LGBTQI sport movement and its development since the 1st World Outgames in 2006 and the 1st North America Outgames in 2007.


Bruce Townsend, President GLISA North America
Telephone: +1 305 967 3691 http://www.northamericaoutgames.orgSTL EQUALITY GAMES LLC
Alice Tejada, Karen Schmale, Todd Ackerman, Sarah Kline



This is the official website for GLISA North America, the Continental Association affliate with GLISA International and the sponsor of the North America OUTGAMES.  Together with our sport team and Organization members in Canada and the United States, we work to … Continue reading

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